Sunday School Classes

Come join us for a great time while studying God's word.  Classes are from 8:45AM to 9:45AM, and refreshments are served afterward in the fellowship hall.

Superintendent - Judy Sawyer

Secretary - Meaghan Griffith

Age Group



Adult Class 1 Rob Griffith Book of Matthew
Adult Class 2 Jim Morrison I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist
Men's Class Wayne Burroughs How God Makes Men
Ladies Class Cindy Bykowski Women of the Bible
Senior High boys Josiah Russell  Be Intolerant 
Senior High girls Emily Weber  
7 - 9th Grade Interim teacher   
5 - 6th Grade Stephen Griffith  
3 - 4th Grade Marilee Merle  
1 - 2nd Grade Mary Merle  
Kindergarten Judy Owczarzak